Cutting Edge Technology, Industry Leading People


Our mission is to offer our client outstanding quality service, the very best possible. This is a competitive industry, so we work hard to rate #1 in every aspect of our services.


To be known as one of the leading BPO organizations in the Philippines.


As a family oriented and operated company, we care for our employees and work actively on improving their personal and professional development.


We are JDDM, a Filipino based call center that ensures quality inbound and outbound marketing services across multiple, rapid growth verticals. Located in the heart of the upscale city of Makati, JDDM is poised to disrupt voice and call center services industry by combining state-of-the-art technology with the personnel expertise unmatched by the competition.

JDDM sales lead qualification services have a proven track record of success in the home improvement, financial services, and health related verticals. Our call center agents receive expert training and continued analysis for program efficiency and performance, giving us the unique advantage to handle large volumes of calls and maintain quality.

That training is what sets JDDM apart. Our in-house stuff and corporate partnership allow for quicker agent development in the areas of lead generation, verification and qualifications, collections, surveys, and sales.